Welcome to ChautariChat.com!

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Welcome to ChautariChat.com. Feel free to chat in this Nepal Chat dedicated for nepalis all around the world.

This chat is based on Flash so you will need to download Adobe Flash Player. Flash Players are available for free and used in popular video sites like Youtube.

This is an attempt from Administrators of ChautariChat.com (CCR) to unite all Nepalese all around the world and bring a friendly ground (Chautari ) to chit chat and communicate. Dedicted for better Nepal Chat experience.



CCR features:

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ChautariChat Room Features:

This nepali chat features voice or audio chat platform with video support. You can broadcast yourself and perform on the mic with your talent and qualities. You are welcome to grab the mic and do something nice and entertaining for all the chat users.


CCR Rules Section:

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Harsh / Bad words are strictly taken care if a user uses it. Complain Administrators and moderators directly about it.

Maintain a Good and friendly environment and lastly enjoy chatting in this Nepalese chat

Don't share your personal information, Have fun but be smart.

Respect Administrators / Staffs / Users / Members / Guests. Give Respect, Get Respect from Nepal chat.

Bad connections such as proxy, fake IPs aren't allowed. Stay who you are. Your privacy is kept secured in Chautari Chat.

Illegal / Bad use or display of microphone and webcam is not allowed. A straight kick or ban will be deployed from Chautari Nepal Chat.

Note: Rules can be changed, modified and added consulting the chat environment. Be updated.

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Chautari Credits

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ChautariChat Credits are used to buy premium membership for yourself. Premium Members have benefits of joining any room they want including staffs rooms. They are paid members and can get a custom avatar icon of their choice.

ChautariChat Credits can be bought via registering the nickname in the chat room and using the "Buy Credits" button in the chat room. The only payment supported now is PayPal. The cost of 1 month premium membership is 1000 Chautari Credits.

If you don't have a PayPal account, Credits can be earned by showing your loyalty and punctuality in the chat room.


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